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May 2018

For the FMP of my foundation year I focused my work on the interiors of trains, and the damage of plastic pollution in the sea. I wanted to utilise train interiors as a public space to communicate the urgency of the sea plastic situation, which tackling the infamous ugliness of train seat fabric.


For my final collection I created a print using bold graphic shapes taken from the sea plastic I collected, using the washed soft colours created by the erosion of the water. I screen printed this design on a chunky corduroy which I used to upholster a set of train seats, and embellished the fabric with pieces of sea plastic. I then made a dress and a pair of trousers in the same design, painted ceramics and created train tickets to match. I also created a wall hanging displaying the quantity of plastic I collected in 1 hour, to really highlight the extent of the problem. I loved the idea of a fully co-ordinating train experience, with interiors, outfit, dinnerware and ticket to make a colourful joyful experience!

Full final collection
Ceramics and train tickets
Trousers, dress and train tickets
Train seats
Train seats


Modelled by Harvey and Hazel, I photographed the garments on the beach I collected the plastic

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